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Welcome to SurveyWise, where compliance to the CMS Conditions for Coverage becomes a breeze!  Our user-friendly and engaging survey solution simplifies adherence. 

With our web-based software, your staff can easily self-identify areas not meeting the standards and create personalized Plans of Correction to guide your team toward compliance.

 Our Regional Dashboard empowers you to monitor and manage audits across clinics, identifying trends.  With pre-determined and customizable audits tailored to your unique needs, achieving and maintain compliance is a streamlined process, enabling you to enhance patient care and achieve excellence.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Use, Dare We Say Fun to Use?!

Gone are the days of dull and tedious surveys. SurveyWise introduces a user-friendly and engaging approach survey preparedness. Our intuitive interface makes in a breeze to navigate through surveys, turning the process into an enjoyable experience. Say goodbye to survey fatigue and hello to a fun way of gathering crucial data to guide your clinic towards survey readiness at all times.

Web-based Software

No more need for multiple paged home-grown Excel spreadsheets, listing the rules and leaving it up to the user to interpret them! SurveyWise is a web-based software solution, allowing you to access your surveys securely from any device with an internet connection. Simply walk around with your handheld computer and answer the questions as they show on your screen!

Easily Create Your Plan of Correction

Identifying areas that require improvement is just the first step. SurveyWise also streamlines the process of creating your Plan of Correction for any items that were marked as “Not Met.” With a few simple clicks, you can generate a comprehensive Plan of Correction, ensuring a swift and efficient resolution to compliance issues.


Compliance to the Conditions for Coverage goes hand in hand with knowledge. SurveyWise serves as an education tool by presenting easy-to-understand questions. Assign different audits to your staff members, enabling them to learn and comprehend the Conditions for Coverage. Enhance your team’s understanding while ensuring compliance.

Conditions for Coverage Rules,
Made Easier

The Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines can be overwhelming, with hundreds of pages of rules and interpretive guidance. SurveyWise simplifies this process by breaking down the CMS regulations into bite-sized audits. Focus on specific areas of compliance without feeling buried under a mountain of documentation. Explanation videos are also part of SurveyWise, providing additional guidance to the rules.

Pre-determined Audits Ready for Use

Save time and effort with SurveyWise’s pre-determined audits. Choose from a range of audit frequencies, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual options. Additionally, you can easily customize your audits by condition level or survey questions from specific rooms, ensuring comprehensive coverage and compliance.

Ability to Create Individualized Audits

Sometimes, you need to assess compliance based on specific circumstances. SurveyWise empowers you to create individualized audits to meet your unique requirements. Did a local clinic recently undergo a CMS survey? Create a regional survey for your other clinics to assess their compliance in areas that the cited clinic needs to address. Craft audits tailored to your follow-up plan submitted to CMS as part of your Plan of Correction.

Regional Dashboard

Monitoring and managing internal audits across multiple clinics can be challenging. SurveyWise’s Regional Dashboard simplifies the process by providing a centralized view of your clinics’ scheduled internal audits. Identify trends, spot common areas of concern, and gain valuable insights for updating policies, delivering targeted education, and enhancing monitoring efforts.


SurveyWise License

$ 199 monthly fee*


$ 99 monthly fee**

*Fees are on a per Customer Location per month basis (unlimited users)
 **Support is required for the initial 12 months of the term and optional after that time.

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